The French Way: bedtime + a sleepy, calm mind / body

This is so important to those of us that suffer from those restless nights and we twist and turn, even though we spend the rest of the day tired and sleepy, yearning for night to go to bed and then it happens... your brain decides now is the best time to keep you up.  Exercising or… Continue reading The French Way: bedtime + a sleepy, calm mind / body

3 things to do after a long week

Some days I feel like the world is heavy and simple tasks, like getting out of bed, feels like a big step.  These feelings I carry are exhausting, but normal once in a while.  After a long day or week, I like to just shake it off and focus on me with some love and… Continue reading 3 things to do after a long week

tips for flight anxiety + to relax

For those who have flight anxiety or for those who want to relax on a flight - this is for you ❤  I was approached to write about this topic and to share my tips on how I handle flight anxiety so here it is :  Now, I don't love flying, but I have gotten… Continue reading tips for flight anxiety + to relax

do it for yourself

In the age of everything coming and going quickly --I think there's something important in learning how to stay still and doing something for yourself.  I don't mean, 'let's get dressed up, look good, feel good... but then take a thousand photos of myself for social media.' I mean, the 'I'm doing this because it… Continue reading do it for yourself

3 essential body products for summer

Hi loves, Today is all about body products -- for your skin to feel smooth and smell good, especially during these hot summer days.  Deodorant is from Malin+Goetz  No alcohol and aluminum Eucalyptus leaf oil -- and smells amazing Leaves no residue Not strong on the skin Body lotion is from Coconut Skin Trip I've… Continue reading 3 essential body products for summer

summer day makeup

It's July 1st -- the start of a new month, the start of summer. I love everything about the summer, even those extraaa hot days. I barely wear any makeup during the summer months but when I do, I keep it simple. So here's a daily daytime makeup look -- Eyebrow pencil / gel A… Continue reading summer day makeup