a sunny day in nyc

A sunny day in New York City..
Not one single cloud in the sky. My favorite kind of blue.
Everything looks better in a sunny kind of clear blue day.

As I look out the window, I look into a perfect sunny day,
while simultaneous feeling so blue.
Not the nice kind of blue,
the perfect sunny blue sky kind of blue.
But the violent storm kind of blue.

On a perfect sunny day, why do I feel this kind of blue?

To all those who are struggling.. hurting.. fighting.. in their own battle, hold on. Hold on to those days where it may not be a sunny blue sky outside your window, but it’s a sunny blue inside of you.

Life is tricky, unpredictable, and bumpy, but the only way to do it is to hold on. The storm will be over soon. Until next time. But when next time comes, you’ve been on this ride before, you know what to expect, you have a stronger grip and so you prepare yourself for the ride,
and you just hold on.


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