best tv shows for a good laugh

I love watching funny shows. It is the best medicine for a shitty day, a good day, an okay day – an any kind of day. 

It’s awesome. It’s even better when you can relate and/or love the characters. It just makes the show a little more special. 

This list consists my favorites – and I’ve rewatched them so many times but I’m still not  tired of them. 

  1. The Office. The beginning can be a little slow but I promise you, it’s worth the wait. You eventually fall in love with all the characters, because they’re so unique from one another.. and I promise, you’ll find these characters very relatable, if not to you, then towards a co-worker / friend.
  2. Portlandia. Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live, along with other comedians, artists, actors.. and Carrie Brownstein, funny but can also pull out all the stops in any character, which makes it very entertaining watching this amazing duo.
  3. Parks and Recreation. Many known actors, very funny actors. It reminds me a lot of The Office, in which every character has their own witty, unique thing that has you loving each and every one of them — as well as laughing in every episode. 

It’s important to pay attention to every situation, interaction, conversations between each character, in order to enjoy these shows. You’ll miss the good stuff if you don’t because the humor — sometimes it’s subtle, other times not, either way, you’ll be repeating a lot of the stuff you hear because it’s just so funny and every day relatable. 


Let me know what are your favorite shows!

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