best shows to watch: sad edition

I prefer tv shows over movies any day. It’s not like I hate movies but there’s something intimate about tv shows. You get to know these characters and some become friends; other times you want to punch them in the face. 

I’ve seen a lot of shows in different genres so I think I got my personal “go to” tv shows for my moods (also, I rewatched a lot of these a million times and they’re still so good). 

There are a few tv shows that helped me get over tough times and I’ll forever rewatch them and feel a friend in them. 

These are it. 

So, you’re feeling down?
Watch The Office. Seriously, it’s a great show. Well written. Characters are awesome. Some of them make you laugh. Others are relatable. And they all remind you of someone you know. 

How I Met Your Mother. I love this show. Every character has a story. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry. It makes you mad. But overall, it makes you smile – and if not smile, it leaves you feeling hopeful and hopeful when you’re sad is a good thing.

Portlandia. I mean, how can you not love Fred Armisen? You’ve probably seen him in Saturday Night Live or in other works but he’s great and he’s really funny too. He can easily emerge into any character and sell it to you. Carrie Brownstein is great, too. I mean, I visited Portland, Oregon and had to get her book, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir because I just felt I needed to know her more – and so I did. The show makes you laugh so hard, that sometimes, you cry- which is great if you’re already feeling sad because you’re letting those tears go. Don’t let the name of the show keep you from not watching it, though. You don’t need to visit Portland to understand the humor because honestly, I’m sure you know more than one person who reminds you of a character in the show. And if it doesn’t remind you of anyone (which, doubt it but let’s flow with that) then you’ll laugh anyway because they’re so ridiculously funny – and well written, too.

Masters of None. This show I watch when I’m sad, but also when I want to get out of any slump I’m in – why? Because Aziz Ansari is funny but also, he’s daring and adventurous. The whole show is pretty much about taking risks, making decisions, and going down different paths in the stages of life (that may or may not relate to you personally). The show makes you wish the cast are your friends in real life because they’re so chill and funny but they’re not (so that might cause sadness) and if they are your friends, then can you add me to that friends’ list? Sorry, had to. 

Hope this list works for you. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry. But it does work for me and if you have any shows that you love to watch, please let me know. I promise I don’t only rewatch shows, I do like watching new shows too!

 I’ll be doing this for other “feels” too. Happy? I got the show for you. Need to feel creative and inspired? I got you. Looking for entertainment? Look no more. 


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