The French Way: bedtime + a sleepy, calm mind / body

This is so important to those of us that suffer from those restless nights and we twist and turn, even though we spend the rest of the day tired and sleepy, yearning for night to go to bed and then it happens… your brain decides now is the best time to keep you up. 


Exercising or going for a nice, long walk (anytime of the day) is a great way to get my body physically tired. But sometimes, I don’t have time (or insert reason) so physically tiring out my body is out. Cool. If it wasn’t done that day, it’s fine. Do it tomorrow. Don’t stress it. But exercise, even as simple as a brisk walk, is important (for a million health-related reasons).

Next, stretch. Even if I didn’t work out, I stretch. Don’t underestimate how relaxing a good stretch can be for the body. If you don’t know how to properly stretch, look up videos on Youtube for a nighttime stretch. I promise, you’ll love it. 

I usually stretch with a candle burning and soft, meditation music playing in the background. After a few minutes of that, I try to take a few minutes (or seconds) after to meditate. I try not to think of anything. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t. It’s okay. Try anyway.  After that, I definitely start to feel my mind and body wind down. 

Reading is so relaxing to me so I always grab a book and read. It can be a few pages or half the book. I don’t set an expectation of how much to read — I’m fine even it’s only a few sentences. Right now, I’m reading every book written by Simone de Beauvoir. She’s my favorite writer– her work is fierce, beautifully written, with words that spill like poetry. If you’re looking for a new interesting author / book, check her out! 

I usually read with a glass of red wine. But, for those that don’t drink wine, a bedtime tea will do the trick.  

Of course you don’t have to read. I’m not forcing books onto you (but they are great). Focus on anything that relaxes you- it can be painting, or writing, or… well, I think you get it. Just do what makes you happy.

Okay, now lights off- turn on the lamp. If you don’t have one, that’s fine too.

I pamper myself with moisturizing my lips, lotion on my hands and feet, and essential oil on my pillow / neck. I smell good. I feel good. I’m ready for bed. 

Goodnight xx


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