3 things to do after a long week

Some days I feel like the world is heavy and simple tasks, like getting out of bed, feels like a big step.  These feelings I carry are exhausting, but normal once in a while. 

After a long day or week, I like to just shake it off and focus on me with some love and care. Remember it’s okay to take time for yourself — a good relationship with yourself opens up good relationships with others. 

These are 3 simple things that I do that are so easy but makes a huge difference in how I’m feeling — and can really just change a ‘bad day’ to a ‘not so bad day’ in a short time. 


Go outside. 
As easy and simple as that. You can dress up nicely or put on a pair of comfortable workout clothes and head out. Whatever you’re feeling – go with that. Walk. Get fresh air and put on your favorite playlist. Focus on your surroundings, the music, and the air you’re breathing. Go to your favorite park; the one with the beautiful flowers, or the one filled with childhood memories, or to the one with tall trees that remind you of how powerful and grand nature can be… 
Walk until you’re tired. And then sit down outside. Bring a book or a notebook. Or maybe don’t bring anything and just sit there for a few minutes. Remember to breathe and not think. And if you have to think, think of the people walking by… on how nice that lady’s hair looks, or how fast that bike is zooming by, or look up at the clouds and watch the birds pass by.. and think of simple things like that. Easy, simple things. 

Fresh sheets. 
Put on fresh sheets. Spray it with some lavender oil. Open a window, even if it’s a bit chilly and just sit on your bed. Read a book / magazine. Watch your favorite show. Avoid social media and messaging friends. Be “offline” a bit and just be in your own company. Perhaps, you feel like writing. Go do that. Or painting. Or meditating. Whatever it is, do it. Just focus on the present moment. Take 30 minutes for yourself — and don’t worry about coming up with some answer to a question or solution to a problem or figuring out what’s coming next… just take in those precious 30 minutes for yourself and focus on what you love doing… Focus and just breathe


Be in good company.
Make plans with a good friend or family member. Grab breakfast or dinner. Go to a museum or bicycle riding. Have a movie night or bake a dessert. Talk out your problems if you want or put a pause on them and have a good time. Dance it out or walk it out. Laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. Put your phones down and listen to each other without interruptions. Take photos so you can remember this moment. Maybe you don’t want to interact with a person, so cuddle with your dog or cat. Go to the park with your dog. Play with your cat. Be in the company of those that you love and enjoy. 

Life is crazy, unpredictable, and sometimes difficult. But it’s also amazing. We live in a hyper-social, fast-paced world where it can feel overwhelming at times. It’s important to take a break and focus on the simpler things — like helping each other, loving one another, and breathing. So take a deep breathe– you got this!

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