tips for flight anxiety + to relax

For those who have flight anxiety or for those who want to relax on a flight – this is for you ❤ 

I was approached to write about this topic and to share my tips on how I handle flight anxiety so here it is : 

Now, I don’t love flying, but I have gotten more comfortable with it. Before, I did feel anxious before and during a flight. Now, I found that these little simple tips helped me feel comfortable enough to actually kind of enjoy it. 

But let me start of with this– I don’t take any pills (sleeping/anxiety pills) before a flight. I know some do and it works for them. It all depends on the individual but personally, I stay away from that. I like to try to handle my nerves by using my mind and body to control it and finding a more natural approach that works. Once again, this is my way of doing it, but I know there’s many other ways to handle nerves / anxiety that may work for you. 

I’m on a flight, heading to a new place. Maybe I’m alone or maybe with some friends. It should be something that I’m looking forward to — an adventure in a new place. But my nerves are making the experience less than awesome because my mind isn’t in it. I’m worried and I’m feeling all these feelings that’s throwing me off so what do I do? 

I learned to be as comfortable as can be – so I bring things that bring me comfort. Simple, huh? I bring my book, a journal, my planner, lavender essential oil, gum — and have a music playlist available on my phone. Also, I recommend downloading a movie or tv show on your phone / laptop / tablet. 


I feel like the scariest part of the flight is taking off and landing so I focus on chewing gum and I count to 100. Being able to do something physically and mentally at the same thing keeps my body and mind preoccupied and focus on the task at hand. These things are so small but just being able to do something helps me during those few minutes. Listening to music, reading, or jotting down your thoughts also help distract your mind. I think that’s the most important part — keeping your mind focus on something else. I always remind myself that I won’t let nerves control me. I control my thoughts and my thoughts do not control me. I also remind myself, ‘if I want to travel and see the world, being on an airplane is just a part of it, so I got to make it work.’ And so I do.


Writing your feelings and thoughts down can help process what you’re feeling — and you feel better after letting it all out. Keeping yourself busy with a good book or movie are also ways to make the flight bearable. I also love putting on some lavender oil on me for the calming, soothing effect (and it works). It’s so relaxing and since I put on the oil every night before bed, smelling it always reminds me of sleep time. 


I know this won’t work for everyone and I understand that. However, fear is an emotion that we all experience at one point. We have fears and we have anxiety- on big and small things. It’s part of life. But, if we learn to overcome it by doing simple things and allowing our minds to face it head on and handle it, we may learn to adapt and use these tools and tips for other things that we’re afraid of or feel anxious about – instead of relying on sleeping pills or avoiding the task altogether.

Life’s too short and we have to enjoy it any way we can -and if that’s traveling for you, get on that plane and make the best of it. There’s so many places we have yet to see, so many fruits we have yet to taste, and so many people we have yet to meet. 

Love always,



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