do it for yourself

In the age of everything coming and going quickly –I think there’s something important in learning how to stay still and doing something for yourself

I don’t mean, ‘let’s get dressed up, look good, feel good… but then take a thousand photos of myself for social media.’
I mean, the ‘I’m doing this because it makes me feel good and I’m solely doing it for myself,’ with no question on, “how many likes will this get?”

My something is reading and writing. I get lost in an realm where the characters become friends, or enemies. I start to imagine their homes and the streets, in vivid colors and distinctive details at each setting. 

When I write, it is a release from all the words I’d been holding on to– whether it was for the day, the week, or month..

or the words I’ve held on for years that I was too scared to write —


I’m scared. Or I’m sad.

Writing is therapeutic for me. It may work for you too. Or it may not. Try doing different things, something else might work for you. 

In a world where everything seems
chaotic and out of your control
and crazy and scary at times —
I learned the importance of stillness.
Of staying in your space and making it your own.

And letting your mind focus on what you’re doing and only that. What YOU are doing. No one else. 


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Love always,

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