if you ever need motivation…

Doubt is a great force, that can motivate us or paralyze us with fear. Doubt doesn’t pick and chose– everyone is affected somehow, at one point of their life, with Doubt. If there is someone out there that has never experienced the feeling Doubt, please reach out and tell me what you’re doing because I have my share of experiences with it– and of course, will love to get rid of it completely! 🙂 

With social media and everything moving so fast, it’s hard to catch a second to breathe and just think. You see this person post on Instagram a picture of his new car or read a Facebook status on her new management job position. Sometimes you’re excited for this person, maybe even feel inspired that you can do it as well or sometimes, you think to yourself, ‘yeah, that can’t happen to me because….. (insert reason).’ I mean, it always feels like there’s a million reasons why you can’t do something as oppose to why you can.. right? 

What is the difference between those who do and those who don’t? Some of us feel a small ping of Doubt but then keep going for what we want, with confidence and there’s some of us that starts to question whether we deserve it. I needed to know why— why was that? So, I reflected on my thoughts. I wrote it down. I talked about it with friends and family. I asked friends and family. I read books.
Bottom line: I don’t believe there is one answer, I’m sure there’s many reasons why but I did learn this.. 

We must not be afraid to go ahead with what we want. Pay attention to that little voice in your head that says, “maybe I can do this.” Now, make it speak louder. Loud with confidence.

Believe in yourself. Work hard. Find smart, creative ways to get to your destination. Be kind and humble. Work hard some more. The rewards will come. Unfortunately, there isn’t a rule book that helps us get to the finish line easier and quicker, but we do have ourselves that we can listen to– our intuition to tells us what’s best for us. Pay attention to that. 

Living your best life isn’t partying every night and shopping sprees every day.  Living your best life should be this–
At the end of any day, you are content and you are proud of yourself for doing your very best.
For your health, your happiness, and your success. (And for others) 


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