japanese products added to daily routine

I love how we live in an interconnected world, where we can learn about each other through social media, the web, by traveling, and simply by talking to each other. 

We are different, yet the same. We share same passions and foods, but we also adjust them to our own, with our own flare. 

Now, recently moving to Los Angeles, I have to explore new places, learn this city,and make it my home. One of the exciting things I have come across is an awesome Japanese market, Marukai, in Los Angeles. I have been reading a lot about Japanese food and cosmetics so finding this gem of a market was a perfect reason to splurge on some beauty products.


I was so excited to try all these new products (and I did), so I can give you my opinion on it but spoiler alert* yes, I recommend them all!

Baby Foot is a cream for your feet. It’s so important to moisturize your feet and keep it smooth and soft. Dry feet can crack, it’s uncomfortable, and it doesn’t look good so finding creams to fix/prevent them is a ‘yes, I will try them all.’ 
This cream is working lovely for me. I used it for about a week and even after I shower, my feet remain softer than usual. I like to massage it on before I go to bed and then I put on socks to lock in the moisturizer. It also smells good. I definitely recommend this cream- remember your feet needs love too! ❤ 

Dew Puff is a sponge made from the root of konica, a plant native to Asia. I got the Bamboo Charcoal one, which is said to help prevent breakouts, break down dirt, and promote circulation. I use it every day and it does leave my skin so soft and smooth. 

The gum. I mean, if trying out a pitaya-flavored gum does not convince you to go out and get one then I’m not sure I can convince you. But, it is the best gum I have tried– and I’m not even a fan of the sweet gums. This taste just like pitaya and it’s not too sweet. It has you feeling like you’re eating the fruit, but in a more chewy gum-like way! 


My matcha. I have been drinking this every morning with a little bit of milk and friends, coffee has now been replaced in the mornings for matcha. The one I brought is special because it’s creamy so it gives that latte feel to it, which I love. It gives me energy for the whole day and I feel lighter. Sometimes, I add green tea to the cup of matcha but it isn’t necessary– the matcha alone tastes awesome. I do it for when I feel really tired or I have a long day ahead but I definitely prefer the matcha with a splash of milk– and with that, I’m ready to take on the world 😉 

I hope this helps with branching out to new things and trying them out. You never know what you might find and you might realize how it can add to your daily routine, in a very good way. I would love to hear of any products you have tried and love– I’m always on the lookout for new things I can try. 

Until next time



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