vintage style

Style. What is style? Classic, timeless style. Fast fashion. Your way of being can be a style. A form of style. What are your likes? Dislikes? The car you drive. The color you picked. 

My style? Vintage cars. My dream is to have an old school Beetle or Porsche, maybe an old school BMW or Mercedes. Okay, clearly there’s a common factor: all old school, all vintage cars. I see it now. I see myself driving up to a mountain top or feeling the ocean breeze as I drive on Pacific Coast Highway. If you aren’t familiar with the Pacific Coast Highway, I recommend you search it up and press on images. You too will want to drive ANYTHING on the PCH, so yeah. Play good tunes, bring a friend, and just ride. Oh, the dream. 

I have never been a history buff. History is opinionated and some are right, others are wrong. It can be beautiful but it can also be ugly. But vintage cars, it has history, but a pure, unbiased form of history. It doesn’t have opinions or emotions- it just drives. Yet, it has lived through history– drove around places that are no longer here, seen things that in my lifetime I haven’t seen.  And it’s a timeless, classic piece of beauty that as it ages, it only gets better. It reminds me to age with grace. Because let’s be real, we all hope to grow old but we also want to feel good while doing it. 

I would love to hear from you!  What is your dream car? Where is a place you would love to road trip to?  




  1. you’re one really beautiful, lady! and i absolutely love anything vintage and especially vintage romance!

    and before a road trip, i’d love to ride a bicycle w the one i’d be in love w, in paris and then move around the whole country, only to fall in love each other, yet again!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. not as beautiful as you, my love! for oh i read you, as i look into your eyes and oh you steal my heart every time!


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