A new start..

It’s amusing to see the progress of learning a new hobby. The art of getting to know yourself in a new title of “hobbyist,” or in my case, “blogger.” It has been a whirlwind of feelings, nervous and exciting, for the goal of finding my voice, the direction I want to take this blog. 

One thing that I learned is how hard it is to talk to yourself, to get to really know yourself. You know, those answers you don’t want to face but have to ask yourself:
“What are you scared of? What does it mean if you fail?”

It is a very humbling, scary feeling but I got out of there feeling better. These questions made me feel vulnerable and lowered my ego. Most importantly, these type of questions revealed who was standing in my way– it was me. I was. 

I wanted to do too much, too fast and opposite of what I would like to believe, I’m not a machine. I love writing and taking pictures so I’m on the right path with this blog but I would be focusing on 3 main topics that I’m really excited to write about:  

Beauty: I love writing about skincare products and routines. It’s very important to take care of your skin. When I take care of my skin and use products that work for my skin, it creates a healthy glow that I’m proud of and it limits my makeup because I don’t want it to cover up my skin — instead I feel comfortable showing it off.   

LifeIt would be a little bit of inspiration and personal pieces on events, experiences, and things we go through. It’s interesting how most of us go through similar emotions and feelings and yet, feel alone but there’s so many of us going through the same thing. I believe there’s comfort in knowing you’re not alone and belonging to a community that understands you.

StyleThis is not so much of a writing topic but I would love to take photographs of the pieces in my closet that inspire me and gives me the confidence to feel good. We all have that piece of clothing that helps us feel unstoppable, badass, and confident. It can be that black leather jacket, the chic boots, or those jeans that fit perfectly. Now that is a good feeling. 
Photographing corners of my room and how I decorate my space is another photograph portion of this blog. I love organizing things but I’m messy. Yes, a walking contradiction. I do this weird thing where I’ll organize my closet by type of clothing and color but I have piles of papers I’ll just throw into my “messy drawer.” 


I would still be sharing my favorite coffee shops and places to visit but less frequent here and more on my Instagram – followthejava

So I would love to hear from you. What about you? What’s a hobby that you’ll like to try? Or perhaps an old hobby you’ll like to revisit? 


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