simple tips on healthy habits

It’s that time– Spring is here!! The flowers begin to bloom, the warmer days, and summer’s approaching.

I’ve been realllllly slacking on eating right and staying active. It can be difficult when the weather is bad or when it’s only 5 p.m. and it’s already dark outside (and cold). All excuses, I know. Sadly, all this slacking off did catch up to me and I started to feel sluggish and off. For the most part, I do eat healthy and maintain an active routine so I know how my  body feels when I’m doing right by it or not taking care of myself. 

Feeling healthy is different to everyone and of course, we must listen to our bodies. These are my simple tips on how to add healthy habits that I added to my everyday that works for me– without making crazy, difficult changes.

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Drink as much water as you can! Also, having a glass of water (with or without a slice of lemon, warm or cold) first thing in the morning is a great start to hydrate the body, boost the metabolism, and help with digestion. Drink tea for the antioxidants, to help with weight loss, for the wellness, and to feel good 🙂 

Make healthy meals but with nutrition things that you enjoy. Sometimes I get discouraged when I search for “healthy meals,” and I’m scrolling down and don’t see anything I’ll eat. Therefore, it’s important to know what is nutritious (do research) so I can add things together that I enjoy and make things that I do love eating. This is important because if we spend time eating things we don’t like because it’s “healthy,” we’re not going to stick with it for long. There is a lot of great stuff that’s good for you and tastes delicious.

IMG_4349I’ll tell you an example of what I mean. I love blueberries and bananas so I added it to my yogurt bowl. I could’ve added strawberries but I don’t like strawberries that much. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them so I try to eat them in smaller doses or in smoothies. I find other ways to add different fruits or veggies into my meal that works for me and that I enjoy. If you definitely do not like a particular fruit or veggie, then search what vitamins it has and find another fruit or veggie that has the same nutrients. It’s okay not to love everything but make sure you’re open to trying new things before you make the decision. 

Plain yogurt, banana, blueberries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, a bit of honey, and coconut flakes. 


I set a goal to be as active as I can. I set x amount of miles to walk or jog. I walk to nearby places, park farther than I have to, or go to a run in one of my favorite parks. I set how many yoga/pilates classes I want to attend weekly. I do easy workouts from home. I search on Youtube for workout videos and don’t have to leave the house (win win) haha. There are so many ways to be active. Setting goals is important and it makes you feel so good after accomplishing it. You are one step closer to achieving your bigger goal and seeing results so that’s a feeling worth chasing! 


I know these are small, simple steps but we all need to start somewhere–

Until next time loves




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