where’s the inspiration?

Winter blues. Out and about in Spring. Summer comes, fun in the sun. Fall falls and the leaves leave us in awe. Every season, every reason to have our heads in the clouds — or sometimes we’re having too much fun or feeling uninspired to pay attention to our surroundings. 

Living in New York City, we experience the four seasons and now that we are in Spring but the weather is still in winter, I find myself in a slump. Maybe it’s because we’re so close to warmer weather but we still have remaining snow and brisk weather in our present. Maybe it’s the bottled up energy waiting for adventures. Whatever it is, I need an outlet to release the negative, sad energy and get inspired to write more, go out and try new places, experiment with colors and styles for outfits, and look around and get inspired

So this weekend, instead of checking the weekly forecast, counting down the days for warmer days, I went out to my favorite coffeeshop in Brooklyn, New York CityToby’s Estate Coffee. Their lattes are delicious and I love their decor. It has a rustic vibe to the place with chill, indie music playing. The place is inspiration just by all the vintage things they have on display, the marble white tables, and neutrals color theme. 



I also get inspired by people. I love watching men and women’s outfits— colors, styles, cuts and then I take a mental note to experiment with what I love. For me, getting exposure on different styles has open my eyes to new pieces that I wouldn’t have thought of thought of trying on until I saw it on and styled in a cute, cool way. Adding to your style can be fun! 

I also actively search on Pinterest for visuals that catches my eye and then I add them to a board and continue to add more photos to then create a name that goes with the theme that I have in the board. I spend the mornings or nights reading and looking at books and magazines. A cup of coffee and a good read is a great way to get you excited for new things. Words and visuals each have a story that you carry with you and helps you get to know yourself better by which stories resembles you and which ones make you feel motivated or the ones that teaches you something. 



Lastly, I just go with my emotions. I let myself be sad or happy. When I’m sad, I indulge in poetry or in a journal and I get inspiration by it. I get inspired by colors when I’m happy and know that these colors inspired joy.

We all have days where we are lacking motivation and uninspired so I hope this helps I would love to hear what works for you so let me know below 🙂


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