following the java: Woodcat in Echo Park, Los Angeles

I was suppose to write this post two nights ago but sadly, due to the lack of storage on  my laptop, the pictures took soo long to upload 😦 Once I started going through the pictures, I realized how many pictures I took and a post on all my favorite places in California will be waaaay too long to read. Sooooo I decided to do one place per post– you know, keep it nice and simple. I’ll be writing about some of my favorite restaurants, coffeeshops, and hikes/places to go in Southern California.

This post is about a wonderful, lovely coffeeshop in Echo Park, Los Angeles called Woodcat. This place holds a dear spot in my heart. Last year, when I was staying in Echo Park, this coffeeshop was a few blocks away and every morning I would go and get my morning latte. Every time, they made it so consistently good. This time, even though I didn’t stay in Echo Park, I had to go back and support. Once again, their lattes was just as amazing as before. 


Since we weren’t staying in Echo Park Lake, we grabbed our lattes to go and walked a few minutes away to Echo Lake. We drank our lattes there and just talked to each other, took in the beauty of the park, palm trees, and January’s warm weather in L.A, and relaxed.  


If you stop by at Woodcat, you have the option to stay in and drink your cup of coffee or you can go to the park like we did, or walk towards the direction of Silver Lake, where there’s many shops you can go and check out. 

I hope you enjoy this post and it helps those coffee lovers visiting or living in L.A because good coffee is hard to find and it’s important to have! 🙂 


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