Easy on the eyes, dark red lips for a night out


I’m usually wearing simple makeup, you know… eyeliner, mascara, and some blush. However, towards the end of the year, I wanted to be more open to new looks and styles. I knew it was time to take that jump when I saw the new trio liquid lip from Estée Lauder. This weekend makeup look is inspired by my beautiful liquid lip, Quiet Riot.


Let’s start with the Estée Lauder liquid lip, Quiet Riot. This is a collaboration with Violette_fr (Youtube+Instagram), a talented makeup artist that I have been following for a while and she’s absolutely amazing. One of my favorite brands teaming up with a person that has great taste, I mean, of course I would be interested in their product. The color is beautiful– it gives an air of mystery and edge to your look. The product has great consistency and it does not dry out my lips 😉

For a bold lip, I went with the light neutral eyeshadow for the eyes from Too Faced’s Peach Palette (first column, middle shade), along with Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara.


I used Glossier‘s Quartz highlighter below my brows. Boy brow from Glossier for the brows (obsessed), it gives a very natural look since I’m wearing a bold color on my lips so that works well and gives a nice balance.

Becca‘s Flowerchild blush very lightly on the cheeks to give a bit of color.


I hope you enjoyed this ❤  I’m not very heavy into makeup– I stick to what I love so if you have any suggestions, brands that you’re looking, or looks that you can’t get enough of– let me know! xx



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