tips to de-stress


I was going to start this post by writing about this time of year being the most stressful because you know, exams, holidays, and those winter blues…. but let’s be real, stress can happen any time of the year, for any reason. Sometimes the things we think we’re going to stress out about the most, we slide through them with ease. Other times, things can affect us. Here are some things that I do that works for me to de-stress.

1. I keep plants and flowers in my room. I love walking into my room and it smells fresh and of the outdoors. It also brightens up my room and it looks nice in my vases. I like to reuse glass bottles — like a wine bottle with a cute logo on it or a whiskey bottle that’s sleek.


2. One thing that helps me when I’m having a bad day is reading! I know not everyone loves to read so if you prefer movies or a tv show, do that. Reading helps me escape my reality for a few hours and I’m able to get lost in another world with an intriguing plot with interesting characters (I get attached to them as well ha). I light up a candle and curl into bed with a good book and I’m set for the night.


3. I love going to a bookstore or a coffee shop when I can’t focus on work at home. I get a hot cup of coffee and work on my laptop, read, or write in my journal. I “treat” myself to a coffee as I work and I find it a way to get my work done when I’m not in the mood to do it. Also, bookstores are great. It’s quiet and you’re surrounded by books.. paradise 🙂 


4. Hanging out with a close friend, my boyfriend, or my sisters help me get through a bad day. I love to grab a coffee or some gelato (yum!!) and be able to talk to people who love me. It’s always a good time to just laugh and talk about things we enjoy. It gets me to stop thinking about whatever I’m going through and sometimes it helps with me just letting go completely whatever it is stressing me out. You’ll be surprise how far a good laugh can go.


5. This might be the most important tip I have…exercise, nature, nutrition! I love going for a walk, whether it’s for 5 minutes or half an hour– anything to get me moving and out of the house for fresh air. It is one of those “quick fix” that actually work. I don’t know if it’s because you’re moving or the fresh air but it helps with any bad feeling you got going on. Nature… well if you can plan a trip to anything with greenery (grass, trees, flowers), water (lakes, ponds, ocean) , or anything else that works… get out there and enjoy it. Take a blanket, a friend or go alone, bring a book or a journal, do whatever makes you happy, and take some time enjoying how beautiful the world is that sometimes we overlook in our everyday hustle. Get lost in what you like to do and have a beautiful scenery to go with it. Finally, eat right. Don’t deprive yourself of anything but balance your food. Get those nutritions in. Don’t like sour fruits, so eat a red apple. Want pizza for breakfast? Cool, so add some veggies for lunch. Be you, do you but most importantly, take care of your inner self too. Those nutrients can help with your hormones and energy.

I’d love to hear what are things you do to de-stress. Let me know if any of these tips work for you ❤


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