What inspires you?


We all have a time where every thing inspires us. We walk down the street, we see a cute outfit on a stranger, we browse through the Internet, or read a magazine and all while our brains are working fast thinking ‘how can I add that’…  to my style, to a post, or whatever else we got going on. These are the great times where creativity just keeps flowing– and it’s awesome.

But… what happens when you’re not feeling inspired by anything? What do we do? Do we keep our head down while we wait for inspiration to find us again– to motivate us again? I used to think if there’s no inspiration, then I should wait until it comes.. it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Months later, I realize that I haven’t done anything creative. Nothing has inspired me. My life has become a routine. I worked, went to school, and did other things that took up all my time. By the end of the night, I was mentally exhausted and just ready to unwind with Netflix. I wasn’t happy with how things were going so I told myself, instead of waiting until I’m inspired, why not just go out there and get inspired. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘isn’t that the same thing,’ or ‘what are you talking about?’ Well, it’s simple. I decided to go after things that may inspire me. I went to bookstores and browse through magazines and books. I used Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. I reorganized my closet. I went on walks. I looked for things that stood out. That made me pause for a minute to admire. Anything that gave me a reaction. And it worked… the change of scenery and routine made me want to take time to browse and spend time looking at new trends or new ways to decorate your room. Those are some tips that worked for me. I hope it helps you and remember, always keep creating and learning ❤

I would love to hear from you! What inspires you?

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