for a chill day


Even though it is only July (and in the middle of summer), New York City has given us a few days of fall-like weather.It has been chilly and our outerwear consists of sweaters. Weather like this makes me want to stay in and have a night to pamper myself.

For these kind of nights, I love listening to music in the background with whatever I’m doing (even reading). Do you also read and listen to music? I’m not sure if that’s something people do but it works for me.

I love music and I have different outlets where I have playlists that I can jam out to but my favorite one recently is my ‘chill’ playlist on Spotify.

Here are some of the songs that I’m loving:

Amber– 311
Saint Jerome– Coconut Records
Trying To Be Cool– Phoenix
Cardiac Arrest (WoodysProduceRemix)– Bad Suns
Nighttiming– Coconut Records
Feel It Still– Portugal. The Man
Rosie– The Kooks
Fluorescent Adolescent– Arctic Monkeys
Microphone– Coconut Records

or listen to the playlist here

I hope you enjoy it. Some of the songs are old but the best playlist also provides some oldies so you can sing along. Follow me on alexandralorenac on Spotify and comment below what you have been listening to! I love finding new songs and artists that I can listen to ❤

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