A Sunday in New York City

Living in  New York City has its perks. We have endless amounts of restaurants, coffee shops and many places to visit.  Since Sundays are my day off, I look forward to heading out to a new restaurant or visiting places that I have been wanting to check out.  Last Sunday, when it is typically chilly in a November day, we got 60 degrees weather. Everyone was out enjoying the last few “warm” days until the frigid weather comes.

This is my what I usually do on a Sunday:


First stop: Brunch

My sister and I went to The Butcher’s Daughter, a vegetarian restaurant in the West Village.





My favorite thing about this place is the decor. (Don’t get me wrong, the food is great) It is such a cute restaurant and it’s all aesthetically pleasing. All you want to do is take photos of every corner of this place. I definitely recommend coming here with some girlfriends and enjoying happy hour or a fun brunch.

Next stop: After brunch, we walked around the West Village going to stores along the way to try out a new coffee shop. On our way to the coffee shop, we couldn’t help but take photos of the cute homes, our outfits, and everything around us. Fall in New York City is such a beautiful time.









What I’m wearing:  Collar button down top- Forever 21 | Knitted pullover- Aerie | Black skinny pants- Zara | Purse- Madewell | Shoes- Dr Martens

Last stop: Stumptown Coffee Roasters in West Village

I have past by this coffee cafe a few times and it has always captured my attention. The interior  is exactly how I picture a coffee shop-cozy  with a bookshelf. For someone who loves coffee and is on a mission to try out every coffee shop I can get to- I needed to try this place out. I’m glad I did because it is one of the best lattes I have tried (and that says a lot). If you ever come across a Stumptown Coffee Roaster, GO INSIDE and have a cup of coffee, you will not regret it!






IMG_0111 (1).jpg

Besides having an obsession with coffee, I also love collecting coffee mugs. There’s something special about drinking your coffee first thing in the morning with a cute mug. It’s the little things that can help start the day in a good way.

That’s pretty much a Sunday for me. What is your Sunday like? Do you spend it unwinding and preparing for the upcoming week or do you like to spend it out with your friends and family?



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